Introduction to Netent and Playtech

Basic comparison between Netent and Playtech. Click here to read about what they offer

Netent is a well-respected game provider that caters for both landbased casino software and also online casinos. They started operation in 1996 and has since grown to become a global establishment. If you want to learn more about betting at online casinos, you can check out topnetent-casinos

Overview of Playtech

Playtech is also a formidable competitor to Netent and has a large customer base. The company currently has offices in over 18 countries and still expanding. If you want to learn more about improving your skill at online betting, you should check out

As a result of its massive growth since inception in 1999, the company is currently one of the highest traded software provider company in the world. Playtech game can be found at several landbased casinos and also online casinos for players to easily get access to.

Games by Netent

One of the major focus of Netent is lightning speed games and also improve players lifetime value. Till date one of the games that keeps breaking new record is Gonzo's Quest. Since 2010, the game has gained worldwide acceptance and opened many deals for Netent.

Netent also specializes in different categories such as table games and live casinos. Most of the games developed by Netent has an RTP between 95% and 98%. This is a major factor for players as low RTP can be discouraging and lead to eventual disinterest of the player.

Games by Playtech

Playtech is one of the major players in the casino games industry. Their approach is more to dominate than to share. Anywhere you find Playtech games, you cannot find other games, since this is the policy that the company operates with regarding licensing of their games.

Playtech also provides sports betting services for players who enjoy sports. This increases their reach in the gaming industry. They also take the step further by providing virtual sports betting with the latest 3d technology. The company also provides bingo software to bingo lovers.

Which company to choose

Netent has more focus on a small group of casino games. This has made them mastered the art in such a way that every game they release becomes an automatic success. Majority of the games provided by Netent is in the video slot category.

If you are a player looking to just bet, your best choice is Netent. However, Netent is not in all categories, such as bingo or sports betting. This is where Playtech comes in. Playtech is more focused on dominance and creating an organisational network in teh industry.

Final thoughts on the game

Netent is great for players as they offer simple games with amazing rewards. The payout are great and Netent games are joy to behold. Starting operation in 1996 and gaining Licence from Malta gaming authority, they have retained a positive acceptance level till date

If you are an investor looking to invest in the gaming industry, Playtech is a good bet. After doing your market analysis, you will find that Playtech trades higher than Netent. However, this is subject to change. Overall the two companies are great at what they do


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